In A Pickle

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The process of making pickles can be very involved. The first step is choosing the right cucumbers. They cannot be too ripe or have too many seeds. You must cut them to the desired size. Next, sanitize the jars and lids, bring the vinegar and seasonings to a boil, place your cucumbers in the jar, and then fill your jar with the vinegar and seasoned mix. Place the lids and sealer on, then boil. Once the lid has been sucked down, you can rest assured that your pickle-making process is secure. Each cucumber has been brought through a life-changing procedure and is forever a pickle.

In times past, finding yourself in a pickle generally means you have come across trouble of some kind, but in Shakespearean times, it means you find yourself on the menu. Often, we allow ourselves to be taken in by the allusions of life. In movies or commercials, everything can be solved within a few minutes. The answers are readily available. Everything always turns out okay. The music fades, and we ride off into the sunset. However, in real life, there are consequences to the things we do.

For every cause, there is an effect, and what goes up, must come down. We find ourselves taking in and devouring all that is in front of us, doing everything we are big enough and bad enough to do, not realizing that slowly we are changing, for what we take in is making us into something, and then one day, we find at the end of the entire process that we have given up the essence of who we are in exchange for waiting in a jar to be devoured. Thus, the thing we thought we were enjoying is now eating us, and the truth is, while most of us like pickles, nobody wants to be one.