Grief, Something Needs To Die

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Grief is a natural response to pain associated with a profound loss and sadness. Those of us who have experienced it, know it comes with sleepless nights, tears and anxiety, questions as to what we should have done differently, how we are to go on, what do we do with all the plans we made, how are we to adjust to all the changes.

While death is a painful experience, and grief is the result, most of us don’t realize that loss can come a little at a time. Day in and day out we often make choices that are killing us.  We pick up habits that seem innocent only to find that they have tremendous repercussions later in life.

Things that will one day bring us grief, things that have the power to alter our plans, bring anxious days and sleepless nights. Sorrow also brings changes that we never thought we would have to accommodate. Things that will leave us wishing we had acted differently. It could be that as a result of you loses you are in the stages of grief and don’t know it.

Here we will discuss the five stages to grief.

  1. Denial: Are you of the opinion that your bad choices will never catch up to you.
  2. Anger: Are you already feeling frustration from what you have already lost due to your choices.
  3. Bargaining: Do you wish you could go back and change some things.
  4. Depression: Have the result of your choices left you feeling down and isolated.
  5. Acceptance: have you accepted your situation and resigned yourself that there is nothing you can do.

If something needs to be laid to rest, why does it have to be you?  Why can’t the things that are killing you die instead?  Why not bury some of those life stealing, no good habits, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  So if you need help, talk to your Doctor, an appointment with your physician is better than a meeting with the undertaker.