Racking Up Debt

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Some companies like to entice you by offering you a 30-day trial of their product. It is totally free for that month, but to avail yourself of this deal, you must put your credit card on file. The thought of getting something that you really want and enjoying it without a cost is enticing to say the least. However if you are like me, you often don’t remember that you have done this until you get a charge on the card, and in distress you call the number on your statement outraged about fraudulent charges only to realize that the charges were legitimate.

While most of the things we do in life are done because we have the resources, there are some things that we do with the belief that they are free until the creditor comes calling.

What separates us from the animals is our freewill. We are not creatures of instinct. We are not governed by migratory paths and predatory hunger. We have the ability to restrain ourselves, yet often we live our lives as if we are one of these animals with no self-control, only focused on having whatever it is that is directly in front of us. 

Most diseases that we face today, from anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, to a case of eczema, have come because somewhere in the past we thought we could enjoy something that was free, only to find out years later that the body was adding the charges to your credit card. You then go to the doctor, claiming the charges were made without your permission, but your doctor knows that it was a legitimate charge. He or she will give you the bill to prove it.