Refocus-On-U presents Nedley Depression & Anxiety and Optimize Your Brain. Both courses will maximize your intellectual and emotional intelligence and give you HOPE!

1. Depression & Anxiety (DARP) – 8 weeks

  1. Learn how to improve your brain
  2. Enhance your energy levels and mood
  3. Overcome depression and anxiety through positive lifestyle choices and right thinking
  4. Manage stress without distress
  5. Eat for optimal brain function
  6. Achieve peak mental performance
  7. Live above loss

2. Optimize Your Brain (OYB)- 6 weeks

  1. Improve and manage relationships successfully
  2. Expand your capacity to learn, retain, and apply knowledge
  3. Develop originality that is useful to others
  4. Find and live your sense of purpose
  5. Set and achieve high goals
  6. Increase motivation
  7. Boost creativity
  8. Enhance overall life satisfaction

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To deal with minds is the greatest work ever committed to men………

Accept the Diagnosis, Not the Prognosis!

Get Your Life Back (Depression & Anxiety course)

2024 Course Schedule will be released Nov/Dec 2023

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Optimizing Your Brain

2024 Course Schedule will be released Nov/Dec 2023

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    New Dates Coming Soon

    New Dates Coming Soon

    If the dates below don't fit your schedule, please contact Malinda P via email (malindap@refocusonu.org) or phone: 951-582-5880 for a free 1-hour private consultation.

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