Are You Stuck

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Every year, there is a story that runs in the media about a truck that, for the lack of attention, gets stuck under a bridge. While this may seem like the end of the world for the poor trucker who has lodged his truck there, in truth, the answer can be as simple as letting the air out of the tires.

Being stuck is a very frustrating experience; it means you can’t move or get around; it means you must delay your plans or change them altogether. Often, you have to watch others pass you with little to no effort because you are trapped in whatever it is that is holding you back.

The first thing many do when stuck is to try and force it, but often, this only drives one more in-depth into the situation that has them stuck. Some would rather tear out an entire bridge than stop and let the air out of their tires, but not only is this the most prudent way, it is the way that guarantees success.

Making changes can be difficult; most of us want to travel on the open road without any inhibitions or restrictions. We don’t want to pay attention to the details; we just want to drive, but if you have found yourself in a place where you can go no farther, then this is your wake-up call that in order to move, you have got to do something different, whether it be in your health, relationship, or your job. If you stay where you are, you will continue to get absolutely nowhere. May you have the courage to get out of your vehicle and take the time to let a little air out of your tires and before you know it, you will be back on the open road again.