Is Everything In Order

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Joshua 13 vs. 1(BSB)
Now Joshua was old and well along in years, and the Lord said to him, “You are old and well along in years, but very much of the land remains to be possessed”.

While death can come at any age, we all know that the older we are, the less time we have remaining on this earth.  With that in mind, it would be wise to make sure all our affairs are in order: Have you thrown caution to the wind when it comes to unsettled relationships in your life? Are there things that you still need to do even though you are older now?

While often with age comes a decrease in strength, this should encourage us to move toward that unfinished thing with determination and resolve. When you choose not to make your wishes known, this opens you up to strangers making decisions for you, or worse, your enemies making decisions or taking things that you may have wanted someone else to have. This creates confusion and frustration to those you leave behind.

Joshua was old and stricken in years, but he did not get a pass to finish that which he started. He was indeed a warrior, and in his old age, he could not get on the battlefield anymore, but he could still draw up battle plans and strategies to advance the ideas of those he loved.

Wisdom and prudence are some things that are often missing in families. Thus, it would be a kind act of love to set forth plans that would act as a guide to those who have looked to you in the past. The most influential families have not only made plans for the here and now but plans for long after they are gone. This ensures that all your hard work was not just for your benefit, but for generations to come.