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What Rate Are You Paying
  1. Category - Health
  2. September 29, 2021

When I was younger and bought my first car, I chose the plan that gave me the lowest monthly payment. I walked away feeling proud of myself for securing such a great deal, but as the years passed and the wisdom that comes from working hard for my money set in, I realized that cheaper …

You Got It All Wrong
  1. Category - Health
  2. September 22, 2021

A group of farmers met once a month to discuss stock, feed, rotation of crops, and all other things pertaining to farming. One farmer was always late, which irritated the other men. One day, as they were having their usual meeting, a storm suddenly arose, and they found themselves stuck in the barn, unable to …

You Can’t Come In
  1. Category - Health
  2. January 12, 2021

Why is it that intimacy, which means letting people in, is so difficult? Have you been looking for that love that is fulfilling, unconditional, kind, patient, and bears all things—in other words, an everlasting love? We all want forever, or ‘til death do us part, but wanting it is only the first step in the …

  1. Category - Health
  2. January 05, 2021

We can’t make a case for why you should address old wounds without mentioning a certain word that most of us tend to associate with others rather than ourselves; after all, there’s nothing wrong with us, right? This word is one that we tend to associate with those who have been severely traumatized, and we …

I Am Not The Problem
  1. Category - Health
  2. December 29, 2020

Have you been reading this series on relationships without being convinced that you need to make any changes? Let me guess: if only you could convince those with whom you have relationships to change, life would be much easier, right? After all, you have made it this far on your own; why should you have …

Me Me Me
  1. Category - Health
  2. December 22, 2020

When you make yourself the center of the universe, it takes a great amount of energy and skill to keep yourself, your environment, and everyone around you under control. Once you have made the decision—unconsciously or consciously—to never be hurt again, you can only accomplish it through certain methods and techniques, including addictions such as …

Old Wounds
  1. Category - Health
  2. December 15, 2020

You have taken the plunge–the two of you are becoming one. Only there is a problem that can start out as a small thing but grow like a cancer until it takes over your relationship, threatening to kill the entire thing. That problem is fear, which you carry with you when you have not addressed …

Narcissist – Part Four
  1. Category - Health
  2. December 08, 2020

At the core of every narcissist is a lie. Thus, they have no true sense of self, for they have spent their entire lives falling in love with their reflections. This self-absorption makes them incapable of loving others, because the only way you can love others is to first love yourself, and the narcissist has …

Narcissist – Part Three
  1. Category - Health
  2. December 01, 2020

While most of us wish to demonize the narcissist and write him or her off as irredeemable, especially if you have had the misfortune to live with or be raised by one, please understand that it’s our goal to offer insight into the root of all disease and not just deal with the symptoms. In …

Narcissist – Part Two
  1. Category - Health
  2. November 24, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, narcissists are not in love with themselves; they are in love with their own reflection. Thus, they are only comfortable when they make others see them as they see themselves. Being dependent on a reflection leaves the narcissist unable to judge the authenticity of the reflection or have an accurate measurement …



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