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There is an old tale about the Spanish flu that attacked our country in 1919, the towns Doctor went to each farm to check on the health of each of the farmers, there was not one home that had been spared from this terrible illness except one. When the Doctor came into the cabin of the farmer, he found onions hanging all around, he attributed this to why his home had been untouched by the virus.

It is true that onions have many more attributes than just adding flavor to food.

  1. Onions have an anti-inflammatory effect and can decrease the impact of arthritis and asthma.
  2. Onions have a powerful antioxidant effect, binding free radicals and decreasing the amount of damage to the body on a cellular level.
  3. Onions decrease the body’s release of histamines, thus can help when you have an allergic reaction.
  4. Onions have a high soluble fiber content. Thus it helps with digestion.
  5. Onions have shown that they help maintain bone density in women.
  6. Onions have a blood thinning effect; thus, it helps lower blood pressure, and is good for the health of your heart.

While it should be noted that onions are not the next big cure, nor or we suggest that you go and clean the produce aisle out, we are merely stating that many times we overlook the benefits that come with following something our mothers taught us long ago, and that is to eat your vegetables.