You Are My Sunshine

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While we spend much time in the day to day, the grind of work, family and other obligations, we often forget the benefits that this world offers, and one of those things is the sun and how important is it to our very survival.

It is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. It burns on its surface at a temperature of about 9,900 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, even though it is a little more than 93,000,000 miles away, its power is not just paramount to your survival but also essential to the quality of your life.


When absorbed through your skin not only brings warmth but Vitamin D as well, which is essential in bone formation and growth. It also helps the body use calcium, which is vital in many enzyme transactions.

It stimulates a gland in the body called the pineal gland, this is in the brain and regulates your sleep and wake patterns, which has a profound effect on the health of your body.

It stimulates your mood, researchers have found that many people during the winter months suffer from depression, that can be minimized by short term exposure to lamps that have the same light spectrum as the sun.

It is responsible for the growth of our plant life which supply our food necessary for daily living and the animals as well.

Moreover, besides, sunshine is responsible for our rain and snow, by evaporating the moisture from our water sources. This is not just important for life but also for cleaning up sometimes-dirty earth.

The benefits of the sun are too many to number, but keep in mind that you must be balanced with your exposure because too much of this good thing can cause aging of the skin and cancer. Never forgetting its great benefits, tomorrow when you start your day, may you be able to look up and with joy and say “Here Comes The Sun Again!”.