Can It Be That Simple

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I once went to visit a friend of mine, who was an older guy. He was a confirmed bachelor, who did not like to cook; thus, he spent a great deal of money on fast food.  The problem was that he had diabetes, high blood pressure, and constipation.

The day I went to visit, he was miserable, he had not had a bowel movement in three days, as I looked around his house all I could see was the wrappers from every fast food place he had visited that week, not only that, he was frustrated because he had been trying to get a refill on his medications from his Doctor and was having a hard time getting through.

He asked me if I had any idea what he could do for his constipation. I suggested that he eat a salad every day because the roughage would help things move along a little better.  When I saw him the next week, he was ecstatic. His constipation was gone; he had no idea it could it be that simple.

I am going to ask you to do something, look in your refrigerator and your pantry, search by your nightstand, and be honest with what you see.  The truth is, the majority of what you suffer from is directly related to what you see and don’t see in your house.  It may seem hard to wrap your mind around the simplicity of health, but often, it is just that, simple.

Eating fresh vegetables can get rid of constipation, cutting out processed foods can lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and even decrease the number of arthritic flare-ups you have. Often the comforts of life are not found in finally getting in to see your Doctor, or staying on the phone all day trying to get a refill on a prescription, but instead lay in the simple task of addressing what is in your house, and sometimes eating a salad.