Ways to Increase Your Quality and Quantity of Life

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The cell is the bodies fundamental component of life. A healthy cell generates healthy tissues, which gives rise to healthy organs which give rise to a healthy system, which equals a healthy body.

Let us look at what is needed for healthy cells, the basic needs of a cell include

  1. Food, which provides energy. A plant-based diet is best because it requires less energy to digest.
  2. Water, which keeps toxins from building up. And is a natural purifier
  3. Oxygen helps with the biochemical transactions that must take place on a cellular level
  4. Evacuation of waste keeps the cells from being sluggish and rids the body of unwanted poisons.

To maximize the above needs of a cell, Doctors recommend

  1. Exercise, which helps with blood circulation and expels toxins from the body
  2. Sunshine, in moderation, absorbs Vitamin D which stimulates the liver to detoxify
  3. Rest, 7-9 hours daily allows the body to collect toxins and prepares them to be excreted

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