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Ecclesiastes 12 vs. 13 (NLT)
That’s the whole story.  Here now is my final conclusion:  Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.

So, you have been to the Doctor, and your worst fears have been realized. You have been given a diagnosis of some dreadful disease, and now your plans must change, to accommodate the inconveniences of this illness, more anxiety, less sleep, more pills, more hospital stays, more pain, more intrusive procedures, and less time. As your doctor was revealing your results, it seems as if he or she was speaking through thick glass, you could barely decipher the words because you were busy watching your life flash before your eyes, and it played out like a movie until you saw it’s a sad ending.

Today we are not here to give you some pie in the sky.  We are not selling the snake oil of think positive than the negative things will go away as if happy thoughts can reverse cancer, emphysema, or some other disease. Some diseases threaten your very life, and the first step in your long and tedious battle is the conclusion you have arrived at in the beginning.

Conclusions are the hard drive that you operate within. It is your truth; thus everything that you take in is colored and processed to fit that narrative. This can be very dangerous if you only operate from a story that it is over, then you will miss the opportunity to make individual decisions that could change the outcome to the sad ending that you have written for yourself. Remember all conclusions rest with God, therefore ask him to direct you as you research information about your illness.  Ask for his help as you make informed decisions about what changes may be necessary.  These changes may not reverse your life-threatening disease, but they can help you to LIVE with the disease, and not just a meager existence but a quality of life full of meaning, and purpose. Why not consult with him today, for he alone can tell you the conclusion of the whole matter.