How Much Do You Know

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Luke 12 vs. 55 (NKJV)
And when you see the south wind blow, you say, “There will be hot weather; and there is.

While most of us tend to attribute cravings to the pregnant woman who insists on eating pickles and ice cream, the truth is we all have cravings.  Have you ever wanted a sandwich because you had a taste for something with bread, or you just had to have that big plate of spaghetti?

There are so many things that we know and understand. We know how far away a storm is, by the amount of time between the lightning and thunder. There are many things that we pay attention to with detail, but seldom do we recognize what is happening in our own body.  Well, it turns out that our craving can hold secrets to what might be a deficiency somewhere in our diet.

  • Carbohydrates: If you can’t get enough of processed flours, sugars, chips, pizzas, crackers, this can mean you are having a problem with insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, it may be time to increase your fiber intake which will help regulate your insulin release.
  • Salt: If you can’t get enough of the salty snacks, this could mean an imbalance in your electrolytes or your stress hormones might be out of balance, foods that are Vitamin B rich can help bring things back under control.
  • Chocolate: This is medicine to some women, if you find yourself craving this, it could mean a deficiency of magnesium, pumpkin seeds and spinach have plenty of magnesium, but there is nothing like that small cocoa bean.
  • Caffeine: A craving for caffeine could mean an iron deficiency which green leafy vegetables could satisfy, although it may not be with the same kick that caffeine gives.

Keep in mind that some cravings come from our emotions. We often find comfort from our stress in foods, a bowl of ice cream can feel like a hug; a box of chocolates can sound like sweet nothings whispered into our ear. Whatever your reason, it will do your health right to have a better understanding of why there are times you must have something. Moreover, what your body may be trying to tell you.