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As you know, plants need four things to grow – nutrients, water, air, and sunlight, and without these things, the process of photosynthesis is impossible. Photosynthesis is how a plant draws energy from light and transforms it into chemical energy. This process is invaluable to our way of life as we know it. It is responsible for all of our mineral enriched food, the air that we breathe, and is critical to our energy needs, as it produces coal, oil, and gas, a direct derivative of fossil fuels. And while there are a few plants that can thrive in low light, it is fair to say that without light, all living things will eventually die.

There is not a person on earth who has not experienced trauma, whether physical, sexual, emotional, or mental, we have all been dwarfed in some way by the darkness of abuse. This is what drives the sale of alcohol and drugs to new highs as people seek ways to numb a past or present filled with suffering and pain. While most of us think it’s best to bury these things and keep them locked away in a dark place, the truth is that dark places only breed mold, spores, and fungi. As painful as it is, lift the dark cloak off your story,  let the light come in and bring new energy to places that you thought could never grow or produce because you are most vulnerable in the place where you keep your secrets. Find a safe place to air them out, and then own your trauma. While most of us don’t want to talk about our pain, as weird as it sounds, the more you speak of it, the less power it holds over you until one day you realize that you are not a victim anymore, but instead, you are a survivor, an overcomer, and you are alive and free.