The Contrast Treatment

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There are times in our lives where we get a sore throat, a backache, a sprain or other joint injury and often, we don’t know that there are home remedies that can give us great relief, the contrast treatment, otherwise known as a hot and cold treatment is just that relief you may be looking for.

Heat: Increases blood flow, increases the body’s inflammatory response, decreases muscle pain and muscle spasms and decreases stiffness in the bones.

Cold: Decreases blood flow, decreases the body’s inflammatory response, decreases muscle pain and spasms and increases the stiffness in your joints.

When these two agents are used together, they increase the blood flow to the treated area which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and increases the removal of the cells waste products. The result helps to bring about quicker healing to the affected area.

  • You will need two large basins one for hot water and the other for cold water, being careful that your hot water can be tolerated and is not scalding. Make sure that you have a pitcher of hot water near to keep the temperature of your water hot. Also, some ice in the cold water basin will help maintain its water cold.
  • You will need two towels, one for the hot and one for the cold, about the size of a hand towel.
  • Begin the treatment starting with the hot water, placing the towel in the water and wringing it out. Then place it on the affected area leaving it on about two minutes. If a sore throat is what you are treating, make sure your towel can cover or wrap around most of your neck.
  • The cold treatment follows the hot procedure, placing the towel in the cold basin and wringing it out afterward. Then put on the affected area for approximately one minute.
  • You are to repeat this cycle seven times. One right after the other ending with the cold-water treatment, which closes the skin’s pores.

After you are done, dry off the area thoroughly and then allow the person to rest for about 30 minutes, while this remedy is not a replacement for seeing your Doctor, you will find that when we experience minor injuries and ailments the benefits from something as simple as water can bring great relief.