Are You Late Paying The Bills Again?

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When you think of your largest creditor, what comes to mind is probably your mortgage, car, electric, water, and gas.  I admit these things are necessary for comfort and convenience, but these things act as a bridge to the survival of something else that is much more important.

Your body is the largest creditor you will ever have, and the consequences of not paying are more detrimental than having a negative score on your credit report.

If you don’t pay the water bill at home, you may have to go without a bath for a few days.  However, if you don’t pay the water bill to your body, your kidneys will have nothing to flush out all the toxins with, allowing all kinds of metals to build up and eventually predisposing you to kidney disease.

If you don’t pay your body the necessary amino acids and electrolytes, your wiring begins to misfire, leaving you to feel lethargic and in a fog. Do you think that your body’s entire heating, cooling, filtering, and air exchange system can run on the gas of a donut and cup of coffee?

What fools most of us is that creditors usually come calling after two months of not being responsible, the body, on the other hand, is very forgiving, it can go years without saying a word to you, allowing you to believe that you don’t owe it anything at all.

Like all creditors one day it will come calling, usually by cutting off your service, in the way of bypass surgery, gallbladder removal, pancreatitis, cataracts, and joint destruction, and if you are not careful, you can even be evicted.

It’s time to take your most important creditor seriously and pay your bills on time.