Inner Turmoil

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Would it surprise you to know that your thoughts and feeling are working closely together to drive your behaviors and your emotions? Moreover, as hard as you may try the two cannot be separated.

Since the mind and emotions affect a wide range of abilities and responses, mental and emotional coherence are of the utmost importance. Vision, listening ability, reaction times, mental clarity, problem-solving, creativity, and performance in a wide range of tasks are all influenced by the degree of coherence of these two systems at any given moment. Because emotions exert such a powerful influence on cognitive processes, emotional incoherence often leads to mental incoherence.

Furthermore, emotional incoherence can be at the root of many mental problems and stress. Mental health is often maintained by how you manage your emotions. Mental stresses can determine whether there will be a breakdown of emotional order or stability.  On the other hand, increasing stability in the emotional system can often bring the mind into a greater sense of peace and clarity as well.

When the mental and emotional systems are in sync, we have greater access to our full range of potential and a more exceptional ability to manifest our visions and goals, as the power of emotion is aligned with the mind’s capacities. Even more intriguing, we can gain more conscious control over this process than previously believed through the application of tools and techniques designed to increase emotional stability.

Empirical research on the outcomes of such techniques indicates that increased mental and emotional coherence, in turn, can lead to a higher degree of physiological sense, manifested as increased efficiency and synchronization in the functioning of physiological systems. A healthy mind can create an atmosphere for a healthy body.

Four primary tools seem to help bring mind and feeling into balance.

  • Communication: Speak your feeling; don’t keep them suppressed.
  • Forgiveness: Once you have addressed it, let it go.
  • Own your emotions: Find out why you feel the way you do, once you address the stimulus you can choose to respond differently.
  • Temperance: be balanced in all things, eat right, exercise, and get some rest.

This life is not a dress rehearsal, as you gain the courage to address the conflicts that reside in you, may the God of heaven grant you peace.