What In Hell Do You Want?

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Matthew 13 vs. 50
Throwing the wicked into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

When I was a little kid, a family member told me that people who go to hell had to eat the one vegetable that they hated. This was terrifying to me because I was not too fond of okra and the thought of having to bite into this medium size pod that was slimy gave me nightmares. This inspired a great reformation in my behavior which lasted about an hour.  

Hell represents a place of great suffering where there will be many tears, much pain, and great disappointment. My question for you today is, have you created a living hell for yourself? Are you suffering because the warning from your Doctor created a short-lived change and because you did not see the immediate results of your choices you decided to roll the dice and now you are losing big time?

Your money is eaten up by Doctors and pharmacies, your energy is used up by the illness, the pain has robbed your happiness, and your outlook on life has grown dim from the depression of living with an illness. If you don’t want to experience all of the consequences that come with your poor choices, it’s time to put yourself on HELL alert, and start your reformation.  Start doing the things your Doctor asked you to do and the things you may have even promised yourself you would do many years ago, and that is to take good care of yourself. Heaven or Hell, the choice seems very clear.