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Matthew 7 vs. 15 (NKJV)
Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

I used to proudly wear a shirt that said, “Don’t bother me, I have not had my coffee yet”.  There is nothing like waking up to the sweet aroma of those splendid coffee beans percolating in that pot, or maybe you are a new millennial, and you love the sound of the air leaving the can as you pop open your favorite energy drink.

We have all taken in our favorite brew. So as we raise that cup or can, we close our eyes in anticipation of that moment when our lips meet, filled with a warm steamy sensation, or a bold hair raising chill and after it has given to us what it promised, we put the brew down as we finally exhale a sound of satisfaction.

Now you can go and conquer your day because you have taken in the drink of the gods, and it promises strength, energy, awareness, and ability.  What is this thing that promises so much? It’s called CAFFEINE.  Almost 90% of North America ingest this drug on a daily basis. It promises to take the weight off, lower your blood sugar, give you more energy to finish that exercise routine or feel better about your day.

While the Mayo Clinic suggests that the average person should stay under 200-400 mg daily, this drug is found in many things including medications, and candy. It can sometimes be difficult to know when you have had too much.  While a little caffeine in moderation never hurt anybody, listed below are real symptoms, reported among those who enjoy caffeinated products.

  • Jitters: Caffeine gives a feeling of nervousness or anxiety.
  • Heart Beat: Caffeine makes your heart feel like it’s beating too fast.
  • What, I can’t hear you? Caffeine is connected to a delayed ability to hear after being exposed to loud noises.
  • Does this outfit make me look fat? Because most caffeinated beverages have a high sugar content, this can lead to additional pounds.
  • What’s taking so long? Caffeine delays wound healing.

While there is a concerted effort to push caffeine upon us as if it is anything but dangerous, do not be fooled, caffeine is a drug, and it affects the central nervous system, and like all drugs, most experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit. My Father use to say if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.