Generation to Generation

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Exodus 34 vs. 7 (GWT)
He continues to show his love to thousands of generations, forgiving wrongdoing, disobedience, and sin. He never lets the guilty go unpunished, punishing children and grandchildren for their parents’ sins to the third and fourth generation.

There is an old story about a woman who enjoyed cooking a roast, but every time she cooked one she always cut the large bone off at the end of the roast.  She noticed that everyone in her family did this, her sisters, her mother, her mother’s sisters, and their children. She went to her mother and asked why, but her mother could not answer, her aunts did not know, neither did anyone else in the family, this started a massive inquiry no one knew why the entire family practiced this habit.

One day when the family had gathered to celebrate a festive occasion, the grandmother was present, the family asked her why did she cut the end bone off the roast, for the entire family had followed suit, her answer was a simple one, she cut it off because her pot was not large enough to accommodate the bone.

How many habits have we learned from our families? Did you know that many times we think that a particular disease runs in our families? When it’s certain lifestyles that run in the family that cause certain diseases, and curses. Do many of your family members drink like fish, and smoke like chimneys, therefore many of your relatives die early from lung and throat cancer, does your family thrive on processed foods, and have little to no use for fruits and vegetables, thus obesity runs in the family, and with that all the ailments that accompany it. Does food not taste good unless it has much salt?  Because that’s how your food was prepared when you were a kid, yet high blood pressure “runs” in the family.  Does divorce run in the family, did your family model a lack of monogamy to you.

It’s time to look at some generational curses and make the decision that the buck stops with you. It is your responsibility to make decisions and changes that will not just benefit you, but those who come after you. One day this one decision, one change of direction, spares not only your life but saves the lives of your children and your grandchildren, from great pain and tragedy.