10 Days

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Daniel 1vs. 12 (NIV)
“Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink.

Are you stuck? Do you get up every morning and wish you had accomplished some set goal from the day before?  Do you see yourself as the person you really want to be, only to feel trapped by the reality of who you are?

It’s time to test yourself, give yourself ten days, ten days without that thing that stands in your way to feeling better about who you are inside and out. That thing that keeps you saying, I will start tomorrow.

In the story of Daniel, not only did those who were in charge of his meals see the difference, but Daniel and his friends saw the difference for themselves. The only way you will ever know if you can feel better is to make a change that lays the groundwork for what it is you say you want.

Do you want to lose weight, for the next ten days map out an exercise plan, walk, run, bike, chair exercises, there are plenty to choose from, change your diet, make a ten-day meal plan, that would make your Doctor proud, and stick to it for the entire ten days.

Could it be that the changes are so defining that it opens you up to new possibilities?  Also, think about what you could accomplish with more energy. What are some opportunities that would become more visible to your health if were better? What new places might you venture out to if you were not carrying all the extra baggage?

The average person lives 25,550 days, whatever your ten days looks like make it ten days you will never forget.