The Axis Of Your Life

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1 John 5 vs.12 (KJV)
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

The Earth’s axis is an invisible line that runs from the North Pole to the South. This line allows the earth to spin as it makes its full revolution around the sun. The axis is tilted at approximately 23.4 degrees, which allows the relationship of the earth to the sun to create seasons, which are critical for plant life, air and ocean currents, migration patterns, and even the hibernation of bears.

The Earth, at times and in different places, may endure storms, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, monsoons, and even earthquakes, but because of its relationship to the sun, it continues to make its rotations and revolutions. This has given all humans and animals on this earth a way of life. 

There are only a few times in our lives when we may consider our axis. That seldom happens when all is well, when the sun shines on our faces and the wind is at our backs, or when we can sit by the beach and enjoy the waves. We may consider our axis when there is a drought occurring in our lives, we have been thrown against the rocks, or we are visited by the storms and earthquakes of sickness or death. And while the axis of life is no guarantee that we will not face great storms, tragedies, times of drought and devastation, the angle at which your axis is tilted guarantees that despite the fact that you may see and experience things unimaginable for some, because of your unique relationship with the Son, you will be able to endure all things.