The Benefits of Aloe Vera

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Aloe is a green prickly plant that grows all around the world but is native to Africa. It is able to survive in areas where there is little rainfall. While science says there is little proof of this plant’s effectiveness, this plant has found its way into many homes by way of creams, juices, or gels. 

The benefits of aloe vera include:

  1. Burns and minor wounds: Studies have shown that the sap of the aloe vera plant activates immune cells that fight bacterial infections.

It increases the amount of oxygen to the area, which aids in wound healing, and because it contains enzymes called carboxypeptidase along with bradykininase, these enzymes help to decrease inflammation and swelling, which in turn aids with pain. 

  1. Digestive problems: Aloe has anthraquinones that help increase motility in the colon. This aids in better bowel movements and thus decreases constipation and other digestive issues that arise, such as hemorrhoids.
  2. Skin ailments: Many households have found a great benefit to apply the gel directly to areas that are affected by a rash, bug bite or other skin irritation. This is due to its anti-inflammatory components. 

Always remember that herbal and plant extracts are not to be used in place of healthy habits, but instead for the occasional assistance to bring the body back into alignment when assistance is needed. When you have an issue that continues to persist after trying standard home remedies, and if there is no resolution, then it is best to see your doctor.