Aloe Vera

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Numbers 24:6 (NKJV)
Like valleys that stretch out, like gardens by the riverside, like aloes planted by the Lord, like cedars beside the waters.

There is an intrinsic value that is rare and beautiful when the Lord plants it. Aloe is known as the lily of the desert, a desert is an arid place where very few things of value grow or can be harvested. Are you having a desert experience in your life, do you expect good things such as long life and health but you have planted this wish in something that the environment of your surroundings cannot nourish.

God planted something beautiful when he made you, the human body is fearfully and wonderfully made, it is able to think and reason, regenerate and heal. It is able to scan the life’s blood and when an enemy is perceived, put into place defense mechanisms to protect itself.

The human body is able to thrive and survive under some of the most extreme circumstances. Why not take care of the greatest asset you have.

The earliest mention of the use of aloe vera comes from a 16th-century medical record. In Egypt, aloe vera was called “that plant of immortality.”

Therefore, it was treated with great care and valued highly.

Aloe vera is used therapeutically for several things.  Here is a list of why it’s beneficial to keep this plant around.

  1. Aloe vera has germ fighting capabilities that when used on teeth diminish cavities.
  2. Aloe vera is used to treat constipation.
  3. Aloe vera has a high concentration of oxygen, this is very useful in treating wounds.
  4. Aloe vera has qualities that destroy bacteria that are unaffected by standard antibiotics.
  5. Aloe vera protects the skin from the normal aging due to exposure from the sun.
  6. Aloe vera increases memory and fights depression.

While the Aloe plant was made to survive the desert, we should not continuously create desert conditions for our bodies; nor have a false sense of security. Because we have lived so long under extreme conditions, sooner or later we pay for our choices, but it doesn’t have to be that way, why not take care of yourself in a way that yields the best outcome and creates the optimal environment to live, love, and thrive.