Childish Things

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1 Corinthians 13 vs. 11(NLT)
When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.  But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

Every day, there is a battle that plays out in most homes, it is called arguing, and if you grew up with a brother or sister who drove you crazy, you are well-aware of this tactic. Arguing occurs when two or more people cannot agree on a solution; thus, voices begin to rise as each person has decided that their perspective is the only true answer. The insanity that transpires during your argument is, you actually believe that the winner is the one who can yell the loudest, or render the lowest insult; of course, the winner gets to ride off on a white horse, as the loser remains behind choking on your victorious cloud of dust.

Children argue because they do not have the cognitive skills that are needed to reach a compromise, their frontal lobes have not fully developed, so they act from a place of emotion rather than reason. In a child’s world, they are the center; thus, everything revolves around them, and when this belief is challenged by someone who holds a different opinion, children will argue to maintain the sanctity of their lofty but vulnerable world.

Adults who display this kind of behavior are generally compensating for past injuries that have stunted their emotional growth. While they look grown-up, they still use the tactics that were available to them as children, including sulking, moodiness, fighting, and withholding friendship and affection. These are the only weapons they have; they are still making themselves the center, and they can be easily offended.  

There are many lessons that are learned in childhood, and some of those lessons need to be unlearned. If you are an adult who believes that you are always right, thus everyone else is always wrong, then may you have the courage to go to God and ask for help in putting away childish things.