Choosing Life

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Luke 24 vs. 5 (BSB)
As the women bowed their faces to the ground in terror, the two men asked them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead.

Today, I challenge you to review your life’s portfolio, for what you have invested in today has a lot to do with how you will live tomorrow.  In your relationships have you decided that your selfish passions are more important than the needs of those you say you love or your health?

Have you decided to throw caution to the wind, feeding on every dead and destructive thing you can find as if there are no repercussions?  Are you spending more on your finances without planning or saving?  Then you, my friend seeks the living among the dead.

Often we do not consider the impact of our decisions. Maybe you have lived life “your way” and decided to spend like there is no tomorrow because you believed you would never get sick, or older.  Maybe you traded your spouse in for what you thought was a better option, only to realize years later that the fallout has far-reaching consequences through your children. Maybe you have isolated yourself from others because you chose not to forgive and instead of processing your pain, that it might give purpose, insight, and direction.  You held onto it like a badge of honor, and now your bitterness has pushed all those who love you away, leaving you to spend your days alone.

Investing in things that give life is not always easy, it takes faith, endurance, and sacrifice, and along the way there will be times when you wonder if you are on the right path, but as you look back over your life, may you be able to say that I am not just full, but fulfilled, not only happy but joyful, not just lucky but blessed.