Old Tree New Fruit

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Psalms 92 vs. 14 (NIV)
They will still bear fruit in old age. They will stay fresh and green.

While some diseases come upon you through no fault of your own, there is a way to maximize your life and establish an environment where, even in your old age, you have the energy to carry out the purpose and the health to enjoy the endeavors that you may choose to put your hands to. Listed below are some common denominators that scientists have found among those who, even though they are aged, are still living their best life.

What is the nourishment of your tree? Do you feed on things that you know are detrimental to your health, taking in things that decrease your productiveness and vigor, or are you protective of your tree, making sure it gets the appropriate amount of sun, water, and other necessary nutrients?

While this is often a painful process, it is necessary to rid your tree of dead branches so that the live ones can produce more fruit. When you refuse to let go of unproductive things, those things take nutrients from viable parts of your tree, thus decreasing the entire tree’s ability to flourish.

While individual trees cannot grow under certain conditions, those that grow best and healthiest are those that can adapt to their surroundings, enduring storms and other harsh winds. Often, it is hard to accept change, and those who refuse to adapt to the times find that they have two choices, and that is to bend or to break. Obviously, the former is better.

Once a tree has been planted, it really has no control over the growth process. It is totally dependent upon the one who planted it, trusting that all its needs will be met in due season. In the same way, those who are willing to trust their lives to God are able to endure harsh rains, droughts, and even pestilences—aging gracefully. These are the ones who can produce some of the sweetest fruit.