Ham Or Eggs

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There is an old story about a pig and a chicken. Each was needed for a dish of ham and eggs to be created, and the chicken could not understand why the pig was not eager to participate in the endeavor, so he let his discontent with the pig be known in no uncertain terms. According to the chicken, the pig needed to get on board with the program so that the ham and egg dish could move forward. Finally, in disgust, the pig explained that, of course, it was easy for the chicken to be on board because all he had to do was lay an egg. On the other hand, the pig would have to sacrifice his life for the ham and egg dish. This gave the chicken a better perspective of why the pig was hesitant. 

There are some things that you really want in this life, things you spend the better part of your day thinking about, yet you get up every day disappointed in yourself because you just can’t seem to quit that habit, lose weight, or sign up for that class that can better your career path. If this is the self-defeating cycle you are in, then it could be because you want the tasty dish, but you don’t want to make the sacrifice. Like the chicken, we only want to be involved where we can come and go as we please, lay an egg every now and then, and return to the comfort of our coops.

If you want change, real change, then this requires more than just being involved, it takes being all in, and while the process of change is difficult, it is a necessary one in order to enjoy the dish, the trophy, and the pinnacle of what it is you really desire.