You’ve Got The Look

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Have you ever heard of fruit, nuts or vegetable talking to you? Well, they do.  As a matter of fact, they like to brag about all the great things they can do.  Before scientist began to measure the chemical properties of certain foods, these foods were telling of their value in the only way they knew how by looking like the very thing they can help.

Walnuts help with developing neurotransmitters in the brain and breaking down the plaque that can build up in brain cells if you should ever crack open a shell, the nut looks like a brain, with all the grooves, even a right and left hemisphere

Carrots are high in beta-carotene, which helps to protect eyes from macular degeneration.  Carrots increase blood flow to your eyes, and if you should ever slice a carrot, you will find it looks like an eye, with a pupil right in the center.

Celery, if you ever thought that a stalk of celery looked like a bone, you are on to something, because they a packed with sodium which aids in the absorption of calcium to strengthen bones.

Tomato is a red wonder, packing lycopene, which lowers the bad cholesterol and even aids in thinning blood, of course when you slice it, it has chambers just like the heart.

Figs when sliced open you will find that they are full of seeds, they also grow in pairs, and are high in amino acids. Research has shown that they can increase the mobility of sperm.

As figs remind you of testicles than the banana speaks for itself.  A banana contains an enzyme called bromelain, which increases a man’s libido.

And last, avocado contains hormone balancing properties such as beta-sitosterol, this plant sterol helps to keep your hormones balanced, and can increase the fertility of women, the fact that it looks like a woman’s uterus should leave you with little doubt.

There are so many beautiful properties in fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetable, that there is no confusion. Their looks have left a clear path to follow as to their purpose and benefits.