Where’s The Bathroom

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2 Timothy 3 vs. 7 (BSB)
Always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth

So you are lying awake, and your stomach is churning and gurgling with pain. Back and forth to the bathroom, you go because your butt is on fire from the intermittent, yet continuous squirts of loose bowel that flow from your rectum like hot lava fire.  If only it was acceptable to scratch that small portal or put an icepack there. Why has this travesty fallen upon me, you may ask as if you did not know.

Today is not the day to plead ignorance, this is not the first time this has happened to you, it happens most often when you sit to eat that thing that you told yourself the last time you would not eat again. Yes, you are in trouble because you went to the place you said you would never go back. Did the thing you said you would not do again, hung out with the people you said you would not hang out with still?

When will the lessons that you have been taught, actually take hold in your life and become an axiom or honest truth that allows you to operate from a place of wisdom and knowledge. Those continuous trips to the bathroom are just a hint to the bigger issue that is occurring with you, which is your unwillingness to learn from your mistakes. So until you are ready to do just that, your life which is a gift and a beautiful thing, will always be interrupted by pain, gurgling, churning and then the final eruption of hot lava fire.

May you have the courage to finally accept the things that your life is trying to teach you, and if you should decide to go another way, at least you should learn where all the bathrooms are.