The Agony of De Feet

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Athlete’s foot is a widespread problem that is characterized by itching, scaling, and blisters that will sometimes form on the sole of the foot or in between the toes.

While athlete’s foot can be caused by many things, such as bacterial infections or contact dermatitis, the most common culprit is a fungal infection which can be contagious and if not appropriately treated can spread to other parts of the body.  Athlete’s foot can also be spread to others who live in the same home with you or share a common shower area.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with athlete’s foot here are a few remedies which will shorten the amount of time you have to suffer from this very irritating ailment.

  • Clean, dry cotton socks: Fungus loves a dark wet environment; therefore, a change of socks, does sweaty feet well.
  • Spray all shoes with anti-fungal spray, this will keep the growth of fungus to a minimum.
  • Always enter a high traffic shower with shower shoes.
  • Never put your bare stocking feet into your shoes, especially house shoes, the fungus can lay dormant in shoes for a long time, this can increase your chance of re-infecting yourself.
  • Use anti-fungal creams and sprays.

Some natural remedies include:

  • Soaking in white vinegar is a natural remedy that works to change the PH of the skin to decrease sweating.
  • Tea tree oil, rubbed into the feet, contains an active ingredient called terpinen-4-ol of which has anti-fungal properties.
  • Garlic slithers placed between toes for about 30 minutes a day, has an active ingredient called allicin which is a potent anti-fungal.

While many remedies promise relief for scaling itchy feet, guarding your feet from areas of high traffic such as showers, pools, and gymnasiums is the best place to start.  Working to relieve athlete’s foot can be very trying at times, but the key to your success is your consistency toward treatment.