Make Yourself At Home

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Mark 3 vs. 27 (KJV)
No man can enter a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

These words, “make yourself at home” are generally spoken to a welcome guest, someone who will not take advantage of your kindness, who will treat your home with respect and not disrupt or steal the things that you have worked so hard for. Your home is a place of safety, where those who are most valuable to you live, and where you place your treasures.  

The thought of walking up to a stranger and giving them the key to your house sounds like insanity, yet we do this every day with our health.

The key to our survival is our Immune System, this system is our strong man, and it keeps us from being attacked by viruses, bacteria, parasites and much more. At the center of our immune system are white blood cells; they are the watchers of the body who are on constant patrol in search of intruders.

Several unhealthy habits attribute to the weakening of our immune systems.

  • Stress: The stress hormone corticosteroid, can work to weaken the immune system by decreasing the bodies white blood cells.
  • Sugar: Sugar alters the body’s internal ph, making the blood more acidic, thus creating an environment for bacteria and others pathogens to grow.
  • Sleep: Studies show that there are more cells available to fight inflammation in the body, after a good night’s sleep.
  • Fatty foods: The process by which the body must break fatty foods down create inflammation in the bloodstream; this inflammation allows for the disease to grow and spread.

We love and protect our homes with all kinds of locks, security cameras, doors, and passwords, yet we leave open the gates to the most valuable property we own, our body.  We allow some of the worst characters inside because their advertisement promises so much.  Alternatively, maybe the packaging looks nice, or perhaps these habits seem to have taken you to the success that you always dreamed of.

Stop handicapping the strong man of your house, for if he should be overtaken, the money you have spent protecting the home made of brick and mortar will be nothing compared to what you spend repairing what the thieves stole from your blood, bones, organs, and flesh.