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Acid Reflux is an ailment where the acid from the stomach is brought back up to the esophagus, and as a result irritates the lining. Symptoms include a bitter taste in your mouth, nausea, dry mouth, hoarseness and even chest pain.

After you have eaten a meal, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid to help with digestion.  If the sphincter in the esophagus has been damaged, or relaxes after food goes down, it will allow digestive acid to be regurgitated back into the mouth, because the esophagus is located behind the heart.

When it has become irritated it can sometimes present itself as chest pain, which in turn can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. Studies show that more than 60 million Americans suffer from some acid reflux, this has caused a burden on our emergency rooms, because it takes some time to rule out cardiac issues when a patient first presents.

It has also taken a toll on the bank accounts of many who must pay for all the expensive test that is given to rule out an ailment more serious. The monthly expenditures for acid-reducing drugs, must be added to your bottom line as well.

The most common risk factors associated with acid reflux include

  • Diet: fried foods, fatty foods, and spicy foods exacerbate reflux.
  • Lifestyle: lack of exercise, use of alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine, and obesity make reflux worse.
  • Eating patterns: large meals right before bed, or eating too quickly, cause reflux.
  • Stress: those who work in stressful environments or are dealing with stressful situations notice an increase in reflux symptoms.

While there are cases where surgery is indicated after all other treatments have failed, most Doctors will agree that decreasing your risk factors has a significant impact on your advantage over the sometimes-burdensome effects of this irritating ailment.

Some natural remedies include

  1. Fenugreek tea: this tea has anti-inflammatory components that reduce the inflammation in the esophageal area that cause discomfort.
  2. Licorice tea: Acts as a soothing agent that reduces the burning sensation associated with reflux.
  3. Ginger Root: works effectively on indigestion and upset stomach, as a result of reflux.

While many suffer from the effects of acid reflux, if you are serious about relief than the best treatment is to give attention to those things that trigger your discomfort and work to reduce or alleviate it altogether. Imagine a full nights sleep without the intrusion of being awakened by burning pain or a bitter taste in your mouth, once again you owe it to yourself, and you deserve it.