Where Is Your Passion

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I remembered it as if were yesterday, I was sitting in a self-analysis class whereby a series of exhausting questions were asked and as a result of the answers a chart was formed which gave us a pretty good idea of what quadrant of the brain that our giftedness arose from.

That day was an eye-opener for me. I realized that the work I did was draining for a reason. There are four quadrants in the brain, and the things you enjoy tell you a lot about what area of the brain is active.

  • Frontal Left: Those who work out of this area of the brain, tend to enjoy math, and logical decision making along with prioritizing and weighing all variables.
  • Frontal Right: These are your risk-takers, they tend to be very creative, have vivid imaginations, and are innovative and humorous.
  • Basal Left: Those who work out of this quadrant are very attentive to details, enjoy monitoring things, routine procedures, and holding firm to schedules.
  • Basal Right: Those who work out of this quadrant enjoy nurturing, celebrating, and having a strong sense of belonging, as well as keeping a harmonious environment..

Your abilities and gifts are the preference by which you work naturally, and because it is genuinely your preference, these are things that you can do that seem effortless to you.

Keep in mind that you can be very competent in other areas, although the effort that it takes can be mentally draining. For example, a musician who cannot support himself with his gift takes a job at the post office instead. All of us have had to adapt to the environment that we are subjected too. However, may you find a way to use and be rewarded for your natural gifts and passions. Accept and manage the areas where you have had to compromise. For life is but a dream.