Part #4 Where Does That Come From?

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Andrew has always wanted to finish his degree in economic studies. He has read every book written about economies around the world and how they have impacted past and current societies when it comes to education, trade, marriage, war, and even how class systems were developed and maintained. While he’s had some schooling, he’s never been able to finish because he has to work to pay the bills. The older he gets, the more frustrated he becomes. He considers himself a loser and constantly makes it known through his self-deprecating words.

Andrew has had many opportunities to finish his schooling, but every time they come around, he makes an excuse: the time isn’t right, he’s not ready, or it didn’t present itself to his exact specifications. Sometimes he simply sabotages the chance he’s been given.

Well, the years have gone by, and he can now put forth the excuse-to-end-all-excuses: “I’m too old. I’m getting ready to turn 30 (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc.) years old.” And he’s right; the only problem is, he’s going to reach that age regardless of what he’s doing in life. It would be nice if he could get there and actually be doing something he loves.
We all know someone like Andrew. It might even be you! If you looked a little deeper, you would see that Andrew grew up in an environment where he didn’t feel it was safe to trust those in his own home. The people closest to him were either too busy for him, uncaring, or experiencing some kind of addiction. Thus, he didn’t believe in the possibility that he would ever experience happiness and fulfillment.

Those early relationships are also why doesn’t only incapacitate his dreams of success; he sabotages his marriage and other relationships as well. Everywhere he goes, he takes his disbelief with him, and he makes sure he’s never wrong.

May you have the courage to not only believe you deserve happiness, but to also get out of its way.