Forbidden Fruit

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 Genesis 3 vs. 11(BSB)
“Who told you that you were naked?” asked the LORD God. “Have you eaten of the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?”

Adam and Eve lived a good life, one that was filled with joy, purpose, and security; in other words, they had it all. They never had to wonder what the future held or if their way of life would be threatened.

Imagine a life without death, disease, or disappointment. God has given you dominion and authority over every living species such as the fish, the birds, and every animal that roamed the earth naming and commanding them all. Only to understand the science of plants, land, and water, and how the symbiosis of it all came together well to create a garden of Eden.

There was only one off-limits thing, of all the trees, plants, and herbs available to Adam and Eve, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not to be touch.

There is no real answer to why we often question the knowledge and authority of God, who is higher than we are. Who knows the beginning from the end and holds all power. Its as if we believe God is withholding some treasure from us, keeping us from experiencing the greatest pleasures of life. Time and time again, we touch and eat the forbidden fruit, only to find that instead of achieving some higher level of consciousness, we have lost the peace and functional gifts that we had.

While it is human nature to have an appetite for the things that are forbidden, most of us have lived long enough to see the fallout of what comes to those who are always desiring the things that should be off-limits. For most, the reality of their decisions doesn’t settle in until they are outside the garden of Eden. Outside meaning, they are now tending to flowers with thorns, dangerous animals and children who won’t listen and thus, the eating of that forbidden fruit, did not enhance their garden experience, instead made it a living hell. May you have the courage to get your appetite under control.