Living In Your Mind

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Proverbs 28:19 (KJV)
He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.

It is a beautiful day; outside, the wind is blowing ever so gently through the trees, the birds are singing, and the children are playing. The Caribbean Sea is so crystal blue, and the sky matches its color, with not a cloud in sight. This is a perfect day, and I am living the life. My job as a big-time corporate executive allows me to spend more time out of the office. I have finally risen to the top and have many people working under me; they now do all the hard work, while I enjoy the benefits. As always, my private jet’s pilot did a superb job of getting me to this oasis, and the car service driver who took me to my five-star hotel was courteous.

There is only one problem—everything I have just said has never happened. I do not have a big fat corporate job, and I do not own a private jet. I do enjoy daydreaming about these things, though. There are many people who choose to escape the realities of their living situations by daydreaming. The problem is that if you spend your life daydreaming as opposed to working, what you wish for will never happen.

I used to get up every day and wish I were thinner, that my living situation were different, and that I had a better job. However, I realized that these changes would never happen if I didn’t do anything about them.

Life is not always easy, but it bodes better for you if you remain present in the reality of your life and not escape into some daydream. May you have the courage to live your life, changing what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference, regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in.