The Leash

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Luke 1:37 (NKJV)
For with God, nothing will be impossible.

My neighbor has a dog. He is a cute little fellow, about one-year-old. He loves to get into mischief. Often, I see my neighbor going up and down the street looking for her dog, who has managed to escape again and again. This is the reason for the leash, which restricts him and lets him know he can only go so far. As long as that leash is on, he knows he has guidelines and parameters.

Today I noticed something different about the dog. I noticed that the leash was on, but my neighbor was not holding it. The dog could have escaped, but he never ran off. He simply enjoyed the front yard without trying to find something more interesting beyond it. There was nothing holding him back except the weight of the leash, and yet, he stayed.

When we are young, we have vivid imaginations. In our minds, there is nothing that we cannot do. Slowly, however, life experiences teach us not to ask for too much, not to expect too much, and not to venture off too far.

The leash of a past broken heart keeps us from loving too hard again. The leash of financial problems keeps us from dreaming too big. And the leash of past failures keeps us from experiencing new things and venturing out farther.

What is the leash that is holding you back and keeping you from living your dream life? What has you bound and trapped? Is it something real, or is it something that lives only in your mind? May you not be like that little dog, who is free, but is restrained by what he thinks is going to hold him back. May you have the courage to venture out with the knowledge that with God, there is nothing that you cannot dream, believe, and do.