Your Health is Your Wealth

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Lamentations 5 vs. 4 (BSB)
We must buy the water we drink; our wood comes at a price.

While many would attribute their wealth to how much money they have, they are sadly mistaken when illness visits their home. One of the things at the foundation of all your endeavors is your health. The truth is that if you don’t feel right, you can’t work, you can’t make plans, you can’t make strides.

In ancient times, if the people did not remain vigilant, or maintain the walls of their city, they would be overcome by an enemy, and these invaders would then charge those who had been conquered for the use of their rightful property.

Many great nations have been brought down because they begin to take their greatest treasures for granted, or devalue it because they falsely believe it will not run out, or be taken away.

Is this your false belief when it comes to your health.  Do you think you will always be strong and healthy? So you have become lazy, or nonchalant with one of your greatest treasures. Have you sold away your health to a bunch of processed food, a high-fat diet, a box of cigarettes, and a case of beer, or whatever your favorite recreational drug is? You have allowed the enemy of  your health to climb your weakened walls of defense, and now you sit in a Doctor’s office or stand in the pharmacy line spending your hard-earned money to access something that at one time belonged to you in abundance.

I suggest you sit down and make plans for your future health the same way you sit down and make plans for your retirement. It would be a tragedy to finally come to the best years of your life only to find out that you cannot enjoy them because you did not take into consideration that money is not the only thing that can run out.

After all your health is your wealth, may you invest wisely?