Always Hungry

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“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.’”
— John 6:35 NASB1995

Food is one of the central needs in life around which we often structure everything else. After all, everyone must eat. A good meal should leave you feeling satisfied, but as time passes, it seems like food has become less satisfying. People will often eat a meal full of calories, only to feel like they’re hungry again 45 minutes later. Does that sound familiar?

This relatively new phenomenon causes overeating, which more often than not leads to an unwelcome increase in body size. Just a few short years ago, people could sit at a table to eat with their families and enjoy nutrient-dense meals that would build strong, healthy minds and bodies. Things have changed, however; fast foods and processed foods (which people used to indulge in very infrequently) have now become the bedrock of most meals.

The problem is you can’t ever truly be satisfied with anything other than the real thing. Yes, you may experience some temporary fulfillment from what you just ate, but chemicals and synthetics can only take you so far—and in the wrong direction! For instance, you thought you were making a good decision by bringing home that vegetable dip to eat with some wheat crackers, didn’t you? Well, if that dip of yours has methylcellulose in it, which is added to make it thicker and creamier, no wonder you’re still hungry. Truthfully, you probably only ate one little ounce of vegetable and a whole heap of fillers and other chemicals. However, I don’t want to pick on methylcellulose; after all, it is particularly useful in the production of laxatives, shampoos, wallpaper paste, crayons, and cosmetics.

Today, I challenge you to feed on the things that last, and I am not only talking about food. Fill your mind, life, and belly with things that build instead of destroying, things that give life instead of death, and things that give hope instead of despair. Then, you’ll be able to say the words your heart, mind, and stomach long to hear: “I am full.”

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