Simple Things

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3 John 1 vs. 2 (BSB)
Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, as your soul also prospers.

Being in good health is something that we all wish to have and maintain. We are inundated with information about vitamins, enhanced waters, proteins, shakes, calories, superfoods, the list can be exhausting.

Today we will discuss health from the viewpoint of something that is often overlooked, something straightforward, but has a profound effect on your health.

Our bodies consist of systems, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory System, Immune System, Integumentary System, Muscular System, Urinary System, Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Endocrine System, and Reproductive System.

Each of our systems consists of organs, such as the heart, lungs, bladder, brain, and so on.  Each of our organs consists of tissues, and each of the tissues consists of cells. Cells, according to middle school biology, are the body’s fundamental component of life. Your health depends on the health of your cells.  With this in mind, lets us look at what a cell needs to thrive.

The cell needs oxygen as essential to the formation of ATP; this ATP is responsible for forming the necessary energy needs for the body. Without oxygen, within a few minutes, the cell will die, and so will the body.

Cells need water to dissolve nutrients, waste, and ions; it helps to transport nutrients to other cells and transports waste out by way of sweat and feces.

Cells need to eat to have the strength to carry out their daily functions which include providing energy, making new cells and repairing injured cells, it does this by breaking down the food you put into your mouth into small enough particles so that they can be absorbed.

Cells need to be able to rid themselves of waste; and this keeps the number of harmful toxins that seek to harm the cell to a minimum, which is why water and oxygen are so vital because they assist the cells in this process.

Protection from poisons
Cells need a good defense against intruders who wish to bring it harm, which is why oxygen, water, and a way of elimination of these toxins is required.

Your body is counting on you to make the right decisions about what you eat, how much you rest, how much water you drink, and to stay away from poisons, this is what creates an optimum environment for your cells and allows them the best chance to do their job and to do it properly.