Fossil Records

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“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

-Proverbs 3:5 NIV

Fossil records are especially important, as they enable scientists to study long-past events and identify the species that are associated with those times and how things have changed over the course of many years. Organisms found in layers of sedimentary rocks can be very revealing to those who commit themselves to their study, but even with all the knowledge they may glean from these types of discoveries, scientists agree that the record is still incomplete. While the past can lead to future predictions, at best they are still only predictions.

Within all of us are fossil records—a place of petrification that serves as a reminder of the seismic events of the past. Often, we try to predict our futures based on these past records, but at best our prediction of what lies in the future is merely speculation. We often live as if what we see and what we have decided is the truth; when in fact, we make decisions with information that does not give light to the entire matter.

When God asks us to trust Him and His truth over our own understanding, such trust often goes against everything with which we are comfortable but trusting in what we know is like trying to make sense of 99% of the world with only 1% of its information.

It takes faith to believe in a God you cannot see because he lives outside of your 1% of information, but it also takes faith to trust that 1% to guide you through this world and into the future you believe your faith will provide. May you have the courage to walk where He leads, that your eyes may be open to see and experience things that exist in places that your 1% knowledge could never show you.