Stumped By A Lump

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1 Corinthians 11 vs. 29 (ESV)
For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself.

Is your body trying to tell you something, do you suffer from indigestion, anemia, heart disease, arthritis, fibroids, diabetes, and the list goes on and on?

I clearly remember the day, when my cousin asked me to go on a medical appointment with her to see her Doctor.  Her test results had come back, and the Doctor wanted to discuss the results of her mammogram.  A lump was discovered in her breast.  We were both nervous, anxiously awaiting while praying silently.  The nurse saw the fear in both of our eyes and sat down among us and quietly shared that she was a breast cancer survivor and that regardless of my cousin’s results, the entire staff at the clinic where she was a patient would do all they could to educate her.

With great relief, she was told that she had a fibroadenoma. What we found so striking after cancer was ruled out, they stated she probably had a diet with much caffeine in it, and how so many who suffer from these kinds of growth had a diet similar to hers.

While it would have been nice had someone told her in advance to stay away from certain things to avoid certain illnesses, most of us are not counseled until after the fact. Which leads me to realize that to overcome some of the diseases that we live with day in and day out, often the answers to our poor health are embedded in what the diet looks like that is given to us to follow once a disease has manifested itself in our bodies. After all, is said and done, the responsibility of our health rest with us. 

So, we owe it to ourselves to understand what we are eating and what it is doing to our overall health.  Often, we put things into our mouth that is not fit for the garbage can, yet we continue to place unreasonable demands on our body as if garbage is not a breeding ground for all kinds of undesirable things. 

Have you made sure that a heart attack is in your future because you love foods with high sodium and fat content, have you nailed down a visit from diabetes because you like to eat foods processed with high sugar? Many of us don’t realize that we do have a choice and that we can stop many diseases by merely knowing what the results of our current diet is and making a change, that will bring forth a different result.