Cut Them Off

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            And when Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib had come, and that his purpose was to make war against Jerusalem, he consulted with his leaders and commanders to stop the water from the springs which were outside the city; and they helped him.

                                                                                                                                                              2 Chronicles 32:2-3 NKJ

            Very few of us have ever had to fight in a war, but one thing that is for certain, if you don’t want to spend many years in a campaign of war, then it would be wise to find out what resources your enemy is using to sustain their campaign of war against you.
          King Hezekiah had found his city surrounded by an army who had conquered many other countries. They would lay siege to a city by keeping the citizens from their farms and livelihoods. The Assyrian enemy was patient, they knew that starvation would bring the people to submission. The Assyrians knew this could take years, but they know that eventually they would come out from behind their protective walls and would be willing to make any kind of deal to keep from starving.

          There are many enemies we face daily. We, sooner or later, deal with some kind of issue that threatens our well-being. Remember, the enemy is smart, patient, and cruel. While, we may have to endure a siege, there are ways to fight. 

          Have you taken notice to what fuels your enemy? Do you know exactly what it is that gives strength and resilience to your enemy? Time to stop the enemy! Stop feeding the enemy! Time to stop allowing the enemy access to your precious commodity: Your life. You deserve to be happy! You deserve to feel good! You deserve to live an abundant life! May you have the courage to study your enemy, discover their resources and do what King Hezekiah did, CUT THEM OFF!