Can’t Stop The Flow

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Endometriosis occurs when cells that look like the cells in the lining of the inside of your uterus begin to grow outside of it. These cells can grow on your fallopian tubes and your ovaries, and when this occurs, they can result in pelvic pain — besides, prolonged and heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycles, pain during intercourse and infertility.

Many women can experience chronic pain that radiates in their back, their rectum and down their legs. Because endometrial lesions seem to be stimulated by hormones your symptoms can be worse around the time of your period. Once your Doctor has diagnosed your symptoms, he may ask you to refrain from heavy drinking, increase your amount of exercise or treat you with oral contraceptives depending on your endometriosis stage.

While this disease can have some life-changing effects, there are some natural things that you can do that will help alleviate some of your symptoms.

When looking at how to address endometriosis let’s look at some of the things that make your symptoms worse, and from here we know how to manage them because we know that a hormone imbalance of estrogen causes many of the symptoms such as heavy bleeding and hormone imbalance of estrogen. Let’s take a look at what is known to upset the balance.

  • Stress: the hormone that is released into your bloodstream when you are under pressure is cortisol, this hormone is a sister to the hormone progesterone when cortisol goes up, progesterone goes down leaving an excess of estrogen and all the symptoms that come with it
  • Sodium Nitrate: this is found in ham, deli, and other cured meats, researchers have found that it affects many organs in the body including your reproductive organs
  • Processed foods: these foods are packed with sugar which is linked to obesity which is a precursor to endometriosis
  • Soy products: contain phytoestrogens which increase symptoms.
  • Caffeine: interferes with the production of progesterone which acts as a balance to the effects of estrogen
  • Alcohol: significantly affects the liver which in turn slows down its ability to rid the body of excess estrogen. 

It may seem burdensome to create a lifestyle without the things just discussed, but isn’t the suffering from endometriosis a burden as well.  Why not do the hard work that comes with change and enjoy the benefits.