Pie Hole

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Psalms 141:3 Jubilee 2000
Set a watch, O LORD, upon my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

Of the many reasons to guard your mouth, the words that come out of it is among the most important. However, what goes into our mouths, namely the foods, matters just as much. As the smallest unit of life in the body, cells determine the health of the tissues, muscles, organs, and systems that they comprise.  Nowadays the body’s cells are starting to do what we will not, and that is limit the amount of food we take in. 

When we overeat on a regular basis, taking in an exorbitant amount of unhealthy and unnecessary food, the body’s digestive system must break this food down into a sugar which the cell uses as fuel. The problem is, the cell is only able to utilize a certain amount of fuel, for unlike our mouth, the cell only takes what it needs to produce, process, and utilize its daily energy transactions. 

Insulin is the hormone that entices the cells to open and take in their necessary energy; when there is more fuel available than the cell needs, it will become resistant to the insulin, thus controlling the amount of fuel it takes in. This resistance is the cell’s way of protecting itself from the person who will not shut his or her proverbial pie hole. As you know, being insulin resistant is the first step toward diabetes and a host of other ailments. The human body adjust a great deal to protect itself from its own mind’s lack of restraint. May you have the courage to work with your body instead of against it, by guarding not just what comes out of your mouth, but also what goes in.