You Can’t Come In

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Why is it that intimacy, which means letting people in, is so difficult? Have you been looking for that love that is fulfilling, unconditional, kind, patient, and bears all things—in other words, an everlasting love? We all want forever, or ‘til death do us part, but wanting it is only the first step in the journey that you have decided to undertake. Happily ever after is not something that happens once the preacher or judge declares you forever joined; it is something that occurs over a lifetime.

A tangelo is a fruit that farmers grow when they want to create a taste with certain characteristics. The tangelo is a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, and in order for the two separate fruits to make something different, they each must give up something. The grapefruit must give up some of its tartness, while the tangerine must yield some of its sweetness. The grapefruit has to give up some of its bulk, while the tangerine must be willing to grow. The grapefruit must yield the darkness of its red color, while the tangerine must yield its orange hue. The grapefruit—whose insides are tightly encased—must blend with the tangerine, which has a looser structure.

Once the grapefruit and tangerine are spliced and grafted together (the process is not very comfortable) each must give up something in order to become a new fruit: a tangelo. They accept just the right amount of each other to make something that each is satisfied with, something that would never have been possible until the two decided to become one. They become a fruit that has just the right amount of each contributor, so that when looked upon and tasted it gives an enjoyable experience that only those two, joined together, could give.

May you have the courage to give light and air to the wounds that you have kept hidden for so long, so that they may finally heal and you can experience the intimacy and happily ever after of a tangelo.