Where’s The Grease?

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I can’t wait to get home, when I do, I am going to pour myself the biggest glass of grease, sit back, guzzle my thick fatty drink and watch the game.  You read that right, I said a big ole glass of grease, maybe you have a preference, after all, it comes in different flavors such as lard, corn, vegetable, soy, and many others.  Most of them like to call themselves oil, because that word just sounds so rich, and luxurious.  However, here is the skinny on deep fried foods.

  • Most oils contain a high amount of trans fat which are formed by way of hydrogenation; this process is used to increase the shelf life of the oil. Trans fat is difficult for the body to break down, and eliminate, thus it finds its way to your waistline, and arteries instead.
  • Most breaded foods that are fried soak up all the oil, so when you are eating these things, it’s the same as drinking the oil.
  • The chemical process that oil undergoes causes the body to react to these agents with an inflammatory response, thus aggravating illnesses with an inflammatory component.
  • Fried foods can overwhelm the pancreas, which produces the much need Insulin for cells to make use of the energy from foods, this also makes you more prone to develop diabetes in your lifetime.
  • There is a little-known by-product that is formed in your food when it is fried; it’s called acrylamide, studies have shown that it is a carcinogen. The verdict is still out on what is a toxic amount in our fried foods; nevertheless, it is present.

Making changes is not easy, most of us have been born and raised on the western diet, our taste buds want something that is hearty and filling, and a carrot won’t do unless it’s batter and fried. Most of us have been told that fried foods are not suitable for us.  We seldom really know why, thus knowledge is powerful, and when you begin to understand how things that you put in your mouth work in your body, then you can make a better decision, to use those things in moderation or take them out of your diet completely. As always the choice is yours, along with the benefits you receive or the prices you pay.