Let Go Of The Peanuts

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There is a story about how villagers in Thailand handled a problem with monkeys that had become so numerous that they began to overrun the community with chaos, stealing food and destroying crops. Monkeys love peanuts, so it was decided that peanuts would be placed in something big enough for the monkeys to get their hands in to grab peanuts but would not allow them to remove their hand if it was filled with the nuts.

While it is almost impossible to trap monkeys due to their ability to swing from tall trees, the villagers hoped by enticing the monkeys with this small delight, this might level the playing field and give them the right amount of time needed to trap them. The belief was that the monkeys would be so focused on getting the peanuts they would forget they could be free just by letting them go.

There is an entire world out there, a vast place full of treasures and opportunity. What is holding you back? Do you feel limited because of where you come from, what you don’t have, or who you don’t know? Have you made decisions about where you believe your life will take you based on what someone said or did to you? What is the thing you need to let go of so that you enjoy the God given freedom that you already have but don’t know it yet?

Peanuts are good. They make great snacks and go well with jelly if you are not allergic, but there are so many other things out there that you could be experiencing if you just take the plunge and let go. May God give you the courage to walk into a newfound freedom by leaving all the peanuts behind.