Sleeping Beauty

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You may be overwhelmed with work or feel that burning the midnight oil to study or work is a great idea, but it is a very bad idea. Researchers have made it clear that staying awake at midnight (midnight owl habit) can lead to insomnia. Having a good night’s sleep is very important for health in order to improve one’s intelligence and productivity and to have a positive impact on one’s life.

Because there are only 24 hours in a day and the average person sleeps six to eight hours, nearly one-third of our lives is spent sleeping. This should be a great encouragement. Because so much of our life is spent in sleep, we should make sure the sleep we get is good. Sleeping plays an important role in human physical health; during sleep, both the bodily functions and the mental functions are restored.

Sleep heals and repairs the heart; it allows the brain to work well and relieves you of any pain and depression; it also repairs the blood vessels. The benefits of going to bed early are numerous and should not be ignored. Listed below are some benefits of going to bed early.

It Boosts Memory:
Sleeping early will enhance intelligence, allow the brain to recover from the day to day activities and result in a good long-term memory and great decision-making skills. Staying awake all night may result in damage to the brain’s memory, which may cause a great loss to the body’s system. So, therefore, it is advisable to sleep well because sleeping more enhances the brain and makes the memory work fast and well.

It Improves Appearance:
Having a sleepless night will make you look dull, tired, and restless. It was clarified by some researchers that a sleepless night makes the skin become pallid and puffy, darker, and flushed and gives it a very bad complexion color. The skin will look rough with many spots and may be exposed to certain infections. In addition, sleeping properly actually helps you to lose weight.

It Reduces Stress:
Sleeping well will make you happy, limit stress, and make you healthier.

Improves Creativity:
Sleeping well will make you more productive in your work field and make it easy for the brain to remember quickly. Sleeping well improves creativity in a way you don’t actually expect, like saying stuff you don’t think about. It also improves your work experience. It may have been implanted in a dream, but it was all the work of your clever mind.

Lack of sleep is the condition of not having enough sleep, which is called sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation can be caused by different occasions, either from not having enough time to sleep or having physical or mental disorders or even habitually using stimulant drugs. Sleep deprivation is not getting the required amount of sleep based on the doctor’s prescription. Sleep deprivation can cause a lot of diseases to the body, which includes stress.  Sleep deprivation can also result in an increased risk of new and advanced respiratory diseases.  Insufficient sleep can affect hormone production, including growth hormones and testosterone in men.

Do you also know that the lack of sleep can affect your ability to think and remember past actions?

Failure to sleep and rest exposes your body to certain diseases, and you will face serious problems regarding health, brain mentality, and so on. In order to ensure a good night’s sleep, the room should be quiet and dark; your stomach should be empty; thus, your body does not have to digest food when, in fact, it is supposed to be resting. If there is something bothering you, it is best to resolve it before you go to bed; this allows you to rest with a clear conscience.

With all that is said, take time for yourself and get a good night’s sleep.  Remember that health is wealth.